• We’re going to make you feel at home abroad

    We are committed to ensuring that you feel supported at every step of your journey abroad in study. That’s why, throughout the year, we host pre-departure briefings to help you prepare for life in your new country.

    From Visiting to Belonging

    These orientation sessions before departure will help you navigate the opportunities for personal and cultural growth while you’re abroad.

    You’ll find out more on:

    Local Cultural Insights

    Before arriving in your country of study it helps to have some knowledge of the local culture and customs. This facilitates your transition into the community and will help you to interact more effectively with your new classmates. Half the fun of going abroad is to learn about things people do differently from other cultures.

    Student Life in Your New Country

    You will need to adapt to a new learning environment when you study overseas, where different learning styles, classroom environments, and expectations may exist. As a student, you’ll also get used to new cultural norms.

    Shock of Culture

    Society shock is very normal when you switch to a society that is entirely different from yours. As it plays a significant role in adapting to your country of study, we will explore the different stages (honeymoon, disappointment, adaptation, and acceptance) in our briefings. We’d also direct you through some basic strategies on how to know whether you’re having a cultural shock, the stage you’re in, and how to deal with it.

    Support and Well-Being for Your New Country

    If it’s academic support, assistance in English, or guidance on visas, we discuss some of the practical help available to international students.

    Foreign Exchange and Banking

    One of the first items on your to-do list will be to set up a bank account when you arrive in your new study country. Use a nearby bank account would mean that you have quick access to your money to pay for your rent, school fees, and living expenses. This also allows your employer to put your remuneration on your account if you want to work before or after your studies.

    Working While You Study and Advice on Internships

    Part-time jobs will help improve your learning and living experience. We’re going to explore how to stay within the rules of your student visa and help you with some advice on finding a successful student job.

    Dealing with Homesickness

    We know it’s hard to stay away from family and friends, but we’re going to help you with some tips on how to deal with the feeling of homesickness when you’re in your study country.

    Clean Up on Laws

    We will brief you on your study country’s dos and don’t, and what right you have as a foreign student.

    More realistic instructions, and much more support.

    A Network of Advice

    You will also have the ability to ask questions from GES alumni and network with current and potential students just like you.