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    • August 4, 2017
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    Nowadays the Canadian student visa is most popular for Bangladeshi students. Canadian government welcomes all international students and gives them an opportunity to live, work, and settle in Canada. In this topic, we are going to explain how you can start the Canada student visa process from Bangladesh. Canada is the largest second country in the world. Economically Canada is very strong. If you have completed your Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) and you are taking preparation to sit for the IELTS exam or you have already your IELTS score then you are at the right place to know more about Canada student visa process from Bangladesh.

    Basic Requirements

    Firstly to apply for your student visa in Canada there are few requirements that you have to full fill before your visa application. If a student wants Canada student visa process from Bangladesh then the basic requirement is you have to pass your Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C) with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 5.00. Secondly IELTS is highly recommended by the embassy checklist. Thirdly you need a Letter Of Acceptance (LOA) from the Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI). Then comes financial support means proof of funds. Original Police Clearance Certificate. All Xerox documents should be notarized by a notary public advocate.

    Admission Process

    The next step of Canada student visa process from Bangladesh is to take admission to an institute in Canada. For this, you have to submit your all educational documents (Mark Sheets, Certificates & Testimonials). Still, you have to submit a few more documents that are required by the institute. We make it easier for you to understand which paper you need to apply. For this reason, below we are pointing all the specific paper you need before your application: S.S.C and H.S.C Mark Sheets

    • S.S.C and H.S.C Certificate
    • S.S.C and H.S.C Testimonials
    • Citizenship Certificate
    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • National Identity Card (If have any)
    • CV or Resume
    • Recommendation Letter From School and College
    • Character Certificate
    • IELTS Score

    After getting all these papers now you are eligible to apply for admission to your designated college or university. It is good to say in advance if you submit all original documents scan copy then no need for any attestation. If you are going to submit a Xerox documents scan copy you have to attest your documents from a first-class officer or advocate before you apply. If your college or university accepts your application then immediately they will issue an offer letter for you to apply to the embassy for your study permit in Canada.

    Police Clearance Certificate – PCC

    To initiate the Canada student visa process from Bangladesh police clearance certificate is mandatory documents required by the Canadian embassy. The Canadian Embassy is monitoring whether a student in his or her home country is engaged in criminal activity. They do not want any criminal to enter their country. Since the Canadian embassy processes visas based on documents, it is important to keep in mind that they verify the documents a lot. They do a lot of cross-checking again and again until they are satisfied. So before submitting the documents, check the documents well. It takes a minimum of 15 days to get a police clearance certificate in Bangladesh.

    Medical Examination

    A medical exam is another essential requirement of the Canada student visa process from Bangladesh. When an applicant is not physically fit, otherwise the visa application will be rejected by the Canadian Embassy. The Canadian Embassy has its own panel of referred physicians doctors through whom the student will complete the medical examination. There are two types of medical test:

    You can go do an upfront (UF) medical check. For this, you must go with your passport to a panel physician before applying for a visa. They will take your medical test and will issue you a receipt that will have an IME number. A copy of this receipt / IME number must be added to your visa application.

    You can apply for a visa without a medical test. The Visa officer (sometimes they don’t issue a medical, it depends on your file) will email you with a request for medical examination followed by a unique form of a medical report (IMM1017E). You need to submit this form to each of the panel physicians, with an official ID.

    Which Tests are Carried out in the Centre:

    Click here to read details:

    While this is written for immigration purposes, applications for study permits pass similar exams as well.

    Health reports must be sent within two working days to VFS by the Practitioner panel itself. No need to ask the test center for the health reports. It is what you call e-medical.

    Which one is Batter?

    • From our experience, we have not first or later found any difference in the process for the medical sector. In the 2016-2017 session, all those who were refused did upfront UF medical in 50 percent of cases, and another 50 percent did medical when asked by the visa officer.
    • However, we suggest you do an upfront UF medical to save time if you are applying 1/2 months before your intended class start time. When you submit 3/4 months earlier than your start session, you will be able to skip upfront UF medical.
    • Whether you have an illness or are accused of being inadmissible, such as likely to have Tuberculosis or HIV, you should do a UF examination to see if the results are coming out.

    What to Bring for Your Medical Exam?

    • Proper identification (you’ll need at least one photo and signature document, such as a visa, driver’s license or national Id card).
    • Whether you wear eye glasses, or contact lenses.
    • Any medical records or examination findings you have on current or past medical problems.
    • A Medical Report form (IMM 1017E), unless you have an up-front medical examination. This form is sent to you by the Visa office.

    A list of panel physicians licensed under IRCC is eligible for medical review exclusively for the purposes of visa application (i.e. immigration, study permit, visitor, etc.).

    The following Doctors’ Panel is available in Bangladesh:

    1. Name: Abdul Wahab

    Address: Dr. Wahab’s Medical Clinic,  Road 12, House 3, Baridhara-1212 Telephone: (880-2) 984 7553;(880-2) 984 3439

    Estimated Cost: ~BDT 6000

    2. Lina Shahnaz Parveen Hoq

    Address: Green Crescent Health Services, 60 Park Rd, Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, Dhaka-1212. Telephone: (88) (02) – 58817335, 9862384

    Estimated Cost: ~BDT 6500

    3. Dr. A.K.M.M.R. Faruq, Dr. Anup Kanti Das Dr. Sonia Arifa

    Address: IOM Migration Health Assessment Clinic, 1st & Ground floor, House 13/A, Road 136, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Telephone: +88 0171 3481 798; +88 0177 7761 309

    Estimated Cost: ~BDT 7000

    We have got no critical feedback from any of the doctors on the stand. All are successful and trained. Only pick who is nearest.

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