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    Bangladesh is a developing country in the world. It has nearly 18 Corer people. Due to lack of standard education, healthy lifestyle and the reason for the most densely populated country many people migrate to abroad every year from Bangladesh. Study abroad from Bangladesh is not a new thing as well. A lot of quality students every year move abroad for their higher education. As a result, Bangladesh is having more development day by day.

    At the very beginning of this process, students search education agent or consulting firm those process visa application file on behalf of them. Here we Global Education Service will guide you side by side in preparation to take the admission, process and the Visa.

    Why Study Abroad From Bangladesh?

    You might have a question in your mind about why you should choose to study abroad. Well, we will give some points in this section that why students should choose to study abroad from Bangladesh:

    • Quality Education
    • Healthy Environment
    • Better Lifestyle
    • Good Source of Earning
    • Be Practical in Life
    • Exchange of Culture
    • Be a Part of Mixed Community
    • Networking

    Above points are actual reasons why students choose to study in abroad. Now we will explain step-by-step guide to study abroad from Bangladesh.

    1.  Inquiry

    Do your own inquiry! Investigate programs, colleges, universities, and places inside them. Once you narrow down your choices, look up the teaching modules, learning opportunities, campus life, and job prospects. You may ask your friends and relatives, or reach out for a broader viewpoint to the university alumni you are interested in. Use Email, Facebook, or LinkedIn to reach out to them directly.

    One little piece of advice-don’t believe everything you read online. Many feedback from other students may be motivated by a single bad personal experience, or by choosing a course that wasn’t right. It doesn’t mean you will still feel the same way. GES will guarantee that you get accurate and impartial advice from us to study abroad from Bangladesh.

    Click to continue course search on this website.

    2. Connect with one of our GES consultants

    Make an appointment with our GES consultant when you’re ready. Our counselors are fully trained and many of them were foreign graduates. They’re a friendly face and wealth of first-hand practical and personal experience from all over the world from various study locations.

    Bring your wish list and course expectations and appointment confirmation as a starting point with you. Your counselor will work through both the big and small specifics to make sure you, your future university and your field of study matches as well as possible.

    Please contact now to schedule an appointment.

    3. Make Your Application

    In this step of study abroad from Bangladesh, it’s time to apply for your admission after you’ve been chosen for your college or university and course. Your GES consultant will help your applications for universities and study courses. We are taking our work very seriously and upholding the strictest legal and ethical requirements. Your counselor will contact your preferred university or college directly to ensure that they communicate the full picture to help boost your acceptance chances.

    If you need to take an English test to apply for your course, we suggest practice hard to get good grades! In a test such as IELTS or PTE, it’s essential to be grammatically sound good except having a strong range of vocabulary.

    Click to know more about IELTS

    4. Letter of Acceptance – LOA

    When your application is submitted, it will be directly reviewed by the university or college and will notify you of the result. It will take up to a few weeks to process the application (or longer for postgraduate applications).

    If your application is accepted successfully you will receive an invitation letter of study and an acceptance form. Go over it carefully with your advisor to search for any conditions that might apply before you consider the deal.

    If you are approved form more than one course or university, your consultant will assist you in selecting the best choice.

    5. Apply for Your Student Visa

    The most important step after you have approved the letter of offer is to apply for your student visa. Because each country has its own set of formalities to satisfy visa officer, your GES consultant can direct you through the process of applying for a visa and help you prepare the documentation needed for submission.

    Click to know about the visa requirements

    6. Get up, Get packed, Go

    Hey congratulations – you are going on an incredible adventure. When traveling abroad, there will be several minutes, but important items to remember for which your GES consultant can lead your way. This will include matters such as money exchange, insurance, housing, SIM cards, bank account opening, country rules and adaptation to new culture. We also host pre-departure sessions once in a year to help prepare you for the student life in your new country.

    Find out more about our pre-departure support.

    At the end of this section now you have a small idea how to study abroad from Bangladesh. For more information please make an appointment with us and visit our office.

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